Home Improvement Case Study: New Carpet, Vinyl and Paint

I am so excited to share photos of this home’s transformation.  Donna recently inherited a home from her late mother and was in need of a change.  The home was built in the 50s and not much had been changed since then.  She had a long list of wishes, but flooring in the main living spaces (kitchen and living room) was the most important.  Donna had a vision of exactly what she wanted since she had already chosen new drapery and furniture.  When she saw our Vernon plush carpet, it was exactly what she had in mind. She was also very impressed with our selection of sheet vinyl which is not your grandmother’s or even your mother’s cheap linoleum.  She chose our Priceless line which is a 115 gauge thick vinyl.  Very durable and beautiful!

[nggallery id=14]

During our visit, we talked about her kitchen and her desire to eventually remodel it.  I suggested painting the cabinets and adding new knobs which will give it an instant facelift. Boy was I impressed when I returned to see her home that she went bold and had her cabinets and interior doors painted a beautiful chocolate brown.  The house looks so modern and sophisticated and you can tell she was very happy with the results.  She told me she loves walking out to her living room to see how pretty it is.  Music to my ears!  I can’t imagine anything more exciting than personalizing a home to suit your needs and lifestyle.

One last very important lifestyle decision was my suggestion to add a piece of vinyl to the entry area rather than laying carpet up to the door. The entry is a high traffic area and carpet is just not practical.  She had thought about it herself and I saw her vision.  It looks fantastic and she’ll be so much happier overall.

What do you think?  Would love your feedback…please leave your comments below.