Spring Cleaning Reminders to Welcome the First Day of Spring

Happy First Day of Spring!

Just the mere thought of it generates a different energy in everyone.  Flowers are starting to bloom.  Bright colors are showing up in clothing and home decor.   Locally, we’re experiencing latent winter weather, but because we are in California, we still get bursts of sunshine which is like a shot of adrenaline.

Today, I wanted to provide you with a few reminders about some often forgotten or overlooked Spring cleaning projects that we all need to tackle:

1.  Deep Clean your Refrigerator.  Not just sifting through what’s in there and tossing out old food and expired bottled goods.  Yes, that needs to be done too, but I’m talking about taking everything out and really giving the interior a much needed scrub down.  I just did this for myself on Sunday and I feel so much better because it’s been on my mind and on my to do list.  I didn’t get a chance to tackle this when I first moved in so it’s been calling to me.  It may seem daunting, but it’s very simple.  Remove all the food, toss out the lab experiments, and remove the shelves and drawers one by one and use good old fashion dish soap and water and give it good cleaning.  Wipe down all the interior walls (using cleaning wipes are the easiest way) then replace everything.  Voila…clean, organized food storage – LOVE IT!

2.  Check all the smoke detectors in the house.  Grab a ladder and just go room by room and press the little button on the smoke detector to make sure the battery is still working.  You’ll know instantly if it does or it doesn’t.  Replace with fresh batteries as needed…easy peasy!

3.  Change the Air Filter(s).  I’m listing this for my own benefit as much as for yours.  It’s another one of those projects that I’ve been meaning to get to since I moved in and to be honest, I’m afraid of what I’ll find behind the vent.  So, this weekend, it’s getting taken care of.  It’s a very inexpensive and easy project…once you reveal the hairy dusty mess, you’ll probably vow to change it more often than once a decade!

4.  Vacuum the ceilings.  You probably vacuum your carpet and around the floorspace in your home regularly, but when was the last time you looked up and took care of what’s above your head?  I’m guessing rarely, if ever.  Cobwebs build up along the ceiling and remember, it’s Spring so no, it does not add to the ambience.  Halloween is 7 months away!  While you have the ladder out to check all the smoke detectors, you might as well grab the vacuum with the extension parts and start clearing away cobwebs.  We all have them!  Pay particular attention to the vent grills.  Don’t forget to get inside the closets as well.  Reality check: if you can’t get inside the closet, add that to your spring cleaning project list…someone had to break it to you!

5.  Clean the Bath Exhaust Fans.  Again, another one for my own benefit, as much as for yours.  I’m reminded of this every day as I’m in the shower.  I see the dust that’s accumulated in the exhaust fan in the master bath and know that it’s something I need to take care of.  Unfortunately, this was pre-existing too, but since I live here now, it’s my responsibility.  Hope you didn’t put that ladder away yet because you’ll need it.  You’ll need a screwdriver and I’m going to recommend gloves.  Remove the cover, put it in the tub, scrub it clean and while you have the cover off, clean the inside of the fixture as well, replace the lightbulb as needed and reinstall the cover.  My guess is the light will be just a little brighter in that bathroom without the layer of dust covering it. Oh, and the vent might actually work more efficiently too…imagine that!

BONUS TIP:  Since you’re hard at work clearing away the dust around the house, washing the dust down the drains in your tub, sink, etc. can cause issues with the plumbing.  I recommend using some liquid drainer cleaner to help prevent clogs.  I talk about it here in a previous article:  3 Important Home Maintenance Projects That Get Overlooked.

Okay, I think that’s enough to keep you busy.  For tips on sprucing up your exterior, check out an article from our article library here:  Spring has Sprung: Time to Get Your Home’s Exterior Ready to SELL!

Hope you found these reminders and tips helpful.  I know it’s not fun, but it’s your home, your sanctuary, your safe haven…it’s your responsibility to keep it clean and healthy for you and your family!

What projects are you tackling this Spring Cleaning season?  I’d love to know…share them with me.